Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST)

The Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course is a comprehensive program that covers all the essential skills and knowledge required to become a licensed security guard in the province of Alberta.

Length: 40 hours

Language: English

Certification: Yes

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Basic Security Training

Why should one work in security?

The work market for security guards is robust, there is a wide range of opportunities, and the pay is competitive. But a career in security has more to offer than simply the fundamentals; it may also be highly fulfilling and allow you to have a significant impact on your neighbourhood.

You are prepared for employment in Alberta’s security sector after completing your Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course (ABST) and getting your Alberta Security License. Congratulations! Continue reading to discover more about the different security positions available in Alberta.

What types of jobs are available to me as an Alberta security guard?

After completing the Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course, there are numerous places in Alberta where you can work as a security guard (ABST).

The following industries/jobs are in need of security guards and regularly hire them:

✔  Commercial spaces and office buildings
✔  Residential structures
✔  Parking lots and construction sites
✔  Airports
✔  Retail and Property Loss Prevention
✔  Sporting Events and Tourist Attractions
✔  Oil Sands
✔  Mobile patrols for hospitals and other healthcare facilities

Do you wish to work as a security guard in Canada?

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Introductory security guard training
Enroll in the Basic Security Training programme. It is more convenient for you with our online course which allows you to attend classes anywhere you are.

2. Pass the licence test
You’ll be prepared to pass your exam without stress after completing Basic Security Training. The entire process is really simple.

3. Submit a licensing application
When you have successfully completed your provincial exam, you will be qualified to apply for your licence and, more significantly, you will be prepared to find employment!

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